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Robbie Lee Brings Fat Unicorn Love to All!

by Randall Cleveland

You may have noticed our current sale extolling the virtues of Robbie Lee's classic design The Fat Unicorn, but we figured we'd give you guys a little insight on just why we decided to bring this one back. Obviously it's a cool design, and it's one of our fan favorites, but there's more to it than that.

See, Robbie Lee's work caught the eye of some of the people at Loaded Boards, a Culver City, CA-based skateboard shop. They liked it so much they approached Robbie about using the design as the signature graphic on their new downhill/freeride/freestyle board, The Chubby Unicorn. Why Chubby Unicorn? We have no idea, but according to them, the board is "way burlier." Good enough for us!

We were super pumped to have a Shirt.Woot artist get some well-deserved recognition like this, so we're happy that the folks at Loaded Boards took the time to reach out. Congratulations, Robbie Lee! And if you spy any other Shirt.Woot designs or artists making a splash beyond the hallowed hamper of Shirt.Woot, let us know! We love to celebrate the people who help make our little corner of the t-shirt universe so cool.