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Shirt.Woot Fantasy Football 2014!

by Laura Duncan

Missed the draft for your brother-in-law's seriously hostile fantasy league? Fret not! You can play with us instead. Here's how:

Our Fantasy Football Plus sale launched on 9/18. Click here to check it out! You'll find 32 unique "fantasy" football teams that MAY HAPPEN TO RESEMBLE real football teams in real cities. Select and join your fantasy team by buying the shirt (or shirts) of your choosing.

Throughout the regular football season, your team earns points based on the performance of your chosen city's actual for-realsies team. At the end of the regular season, the points are tallied up and the winning team is rewarded with goodies including, yes, BOCs.

The point system works as follows:

Standard Points:

-Win: 10 points

-Tie: 5 points

-Offensive Points Scored: 1 real point = 1 fantasy point

-Defensive/ST Points Scored: 1 real point = 2 fantasy points

-Offensive Yards Gained: 100 yards = 1 fantasy point

-Defensive Sacks: 1 Sack = 1 point

-Defensive INTs: 1 INT = 2 point

-Defensive Safety: 3 point

Bonus Points:

-Your QB throws 5 INTs in 1 game = 25 points

-Player on Your Team Gets Ejected = 25 points

-Your Defense Gets 2 Safeties in 1 game = 50 points

-Your Team's Mascot is Hit by a Golf Cart = 100 points


-The New York Night Hags were founded in 1925.

-The New York Sewer Gators were founded in 1960.

Keep an eye out for Fantasy Football activities and challenges throughout the season. You could score some bonus points for your team! We'll tally up the stats and announce the winning team on 1/1/2015.

Good luck! (and yes, the last two weeks of football count!)