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The 500th Derby $5K Cup

by Laura Duncan

The 500th Derby $5K Cup is here, and it's your chance to get 5,000 extra big ones [dollars] for your derby-winning shirt design! Here's how it works:

For the next few Derbies (500, 502 & 504), things will run pretty much like they always do. You'll submit a design. Users will vote. The top 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place vote-getters will sell on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday respectively.


Each of those derby winners for all three derbies will be entered into the $5k Cup. Whichever one sells the most shirts ON ITS FIRST DAY wins an additional $4,000 making the initial lump sum payment for that Derby entry a tidy $5000. (and all the other money we owe you contractually for sales after the first day). Let us reiterate: this will be based on FIRST DAY SALES. Top 20 sales don't count, so the winners of the last derby have just as good a chance as the winners of the first.

Sounds good, yeah? But hold on buckaroo, because there's ANOTHER TWIST: we're announcing the themes beforehand. Here they are (with quick notes descriptions):

Derby #500: 5K Round I: New Mythical Creatures

Design a tee about a new or non-traditional mythical creature. This could be a completely new creature, a mashup of elements that make it new, or the evolution of an existing cryptid.

Hey 500th Derby voters! Keep an eye on your inbox for info about your special gift!

Derby #502: 5K Round II: Quitters

'tis the season to think about giving [stuff up]. Design a tee about giving up, or giving something up, or just stopping.

Derby #504: 5K Round III: Pop Culture Mashups

They say "do what you know," and boy do you guys know how to smash together two visual elements of the global zeitgeist. Usual copyright rules apply.

NO CREAM TEES ON ANY OF THESE. Cream trees are okay.

Okay, that wraps it up. Best of luck to you all. Let's sell some shirts. Yaaay $$$$$$$.