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The Shirt.Woot Party + The Winner of the IRL Derby

by Sean Adams

This past Sunday, Shirt.Woot hosted a party in Seattle. It was a heck of a time filled laughs, cheer, and tears (of joy [not really, though]). The drink of choice? The Unstealthiest Ninja (created by oakenspirit). Can you see him in there?

The reason for a party? To cerebrate you, the Shirt.Woot community! In return, party-goers were nice enough to celebrate us, by wearing their favorite Woot shirts. Like these guys:


Or these guys:


Or these cool dudes:


Or these guys:


Shawn here came all the way from Baton Rouge, Louisiana just for the Shirt.Woot party! Or maybe PAX too, but whatever…

Bloodrose here is modeling console general.


groovetini, meanwhile, is blocking his Woot shirt with his PAX Enforcer tee. Thanks for keeping it safe out there on the floor, dude!


Here's a couple of my favorite people from the party!


Sue, on the right, is a professor of psychology at Highline Community College. She'll often wear Woot Shirts that go along with the lessons she's teaching. Like, when she's teaching about neurons, she'll wear the Seratonin and the Dopamines she has on in the picture. Or when she's talking about the id and the superego, she'll wear the Listen to your Conscience being modeled here by her lovely wife. Thanks for using Woot shirts for good, Sue!

Even too-cool-to-follow-the-rules writer Sam Kemmis found a Woot Shirt in his size to wear.


That shirt, by the way, is a commissioned piece of art by local Seattle Artist, Dereck Erdman, of BATS! fame. Here it is again, sans Sam, so you can really get its poignant message about burger pregnancy.


Speaking of artists, many of our all-time favorite Shirt.Woot artists were in attendance. Here's Jaden Kale!


And here's Jaden Kale again talking shop with fellow artist, Ochopika.


Here's Rasabi, deep in thought, pondering a new design!


Even tjost and his wife managed to climb out of their gold-plated jacuzzi filled with Binge money and make their way to the party!


Shirt.Woot director Joel Lewis was on hand to address the crowd! Or maybe that's one of Joel's many doubles. You gotta be careful when you're coming face-to-face with Shirt.Woot forum members.


What's that Joel's got in his hands, you wonder? Why, the tickets for the BOC raffle, of course! Bix nabbed the first one…


She began unboxing it on the spot, and a crowd immediately formed to watch!


The party went on in that way, mingling, drinking, arting, and raffling into the wee hours of the early evening. Then it was time for the IRL derby! All of the submitted designs were on display...


But only the top five were put up to a public screaming vote:


Tensions ran high. Would one of the artists in attendance win? Or would the mysterious Walmazan, hidden away in his digital fortress, pull out a victory from afar? (Just kidding, Walmazan, we love you.)

The victor? OCHOPIKA! Thanks in part to some real ear-shattering screaming by tjost (it's nice that he gives back to the people so much) and also in part because she designed a REALLY AWESOME SHIRT! Her prize: the privilege of curating a whole day on Shirt.Woot! And on that day, you just may see some of the IRL derby designs up for sale. Keep your ear to ground for more info on that.

It was a great time, a time to celebrate the artists and the art that they make, and to meet face-to-face with the community we love. Thanks to everyone who showed up. And for those of you who didn't, we hope to see you at the next one.

Hugs and kisses,