The Shirts On Our Backs: Amy Nance's Favorite Shirt.Woot Shirts

by Amy Nance

Almost every Shirt.Woot design is now available again on our All Designs page - but how can you possibly decide which of the 1700+ designs are right for you? Take it easy. The Woot writers got this. All week, we're naming our all-time favorites. Today we peer inside the closet of Amy Nance! Or probably the dresser, actually. Who keeps their t-shirts in a closet?…

Fat Unicorn
I giggle and clap every time I see this shirt. If the image of an over-fed mythical creature shame eating doesn't make you laugh, you are dead inside.

Wishful Thinking
See! Even ferocious prehistoric eating machines had body issues. And if he could get through the Cretaceous Period, you can survive high school.

Inside all of us is an adorable little shadow monster. Don't fight it. Because it'll probably just get mad and stomp all over your bladder.

Bring Back Pluto
There are a lot of terrible things in this world. Disease. Famine. Homelessness. But I draw the line at cosmic bullying. I refuse to turn my back on one of our own.

Tune in tomorrow for another Woot writer's top picks from the voluminous Shirt.Woot catalog. Because if there's one thing writers are known for, it's their keen sense of style.