The Shirts on Our Backs: Randy Cleveland's Greatest Shirt.Woot Hits

by Randall Cleveland

Now that almost every Shirt.Woot design is now available again on our All Designs page, the Woot writers can finally offer you our all-time favorites to collect and wear. Today we hear from noted t-shirt connoisseur, bon vivant, and enfant terrible Randy Cleveland…

I like jellyfish. I like blue. There ya go.

This one has nice colors. That's a plus as far as t-shirts go.

Portrait of the Walrus as a Young Man
More shirts should have walruses in framed portraits.

Human Testing
Anything that encourages reckless genetic alteration is A-okay in my book.

This has been another lesson in how to dress like a Woot writer. Note: we cannot guarantee that you will replicate our irresistible appeal to admirers of all genders. Come back tomorrow to see the faves of not one but TWO Woot writers!