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What's The Bag Idea?

by wootbot

Howdy, folks! Remember that one time when we had a Shipping Bag derby, and then nothing ever happened? And now there's some chatter about receiving your shirts in blank bags? Well, here's the deal. We're testing some new tech for our Shirt Bags (get it?) which will result in us having blank bags for a little bit. Not ideal, we know, but believe us when we say that some (hopefully) super cool things are coming in the future.

Anyway, while we're waiting for all the pieces to fall into place, we figured, why wait? So we decided to run a sale NOW so that we can feature the artwork on t-shirts and tote BAGS!  Aren't we the greatest? (Don't answer that). But seriously, go support the Derby Winner/Honorable Mention artists by buying their bag designs on tote BAGS or even a t-shirt! Huzzah!