Friday, January 26

A New Year, A New Shirt.Woot

by WootBot

It’s a new(ish) year, and like the rest of you, we’re taking a good, long look in the mirror. Thankfully, we like a lot of what we see. We have cool content, an incredible community, and a collection of uber-talented artists. But we also realize that if we want to keep this good thing going (a.k.a.- if we want to stay in business), then a few things need to change. We’re starting with two. There will be more as the year rolls forward, but this is a good place to start. 

We know change can be uncomfortable, so we’re gonna do our best to keep this simple and straight-forward. No coddling. No spinning. Just straight-up truth. Here goes:

Beginning February 1st, we’ll be making the following changes on Shirt.Woot:

Overhauling our Prices and Pricing Structure
​   Hint: They’re getting simpler but going up (mostly)
Switching Our Standard Brand Tee
   Hint: Replacing Anvil with Port & Company (and we couldn’t be happier)
TL;DR - Well Shirt.Woot, What Now?
   ​Hint: For those who want to skip all the details (ain’t got time for that!)

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