Friday, July 22

Shirt.Woot's Top 10 of 4th Place

by Randall Cleveland

It takes a lot of skill, hard work, and glad-handing to place in a Shirt.Woot Derby. Some artists seem to have a knack for the audience. Others continue to tweak and perfect their formula as they seek their first win. But for some the thrill of the chase and the rollercoaster of emotions our weekly Derbies bring have come up just short.

So today we salute our most frequent 4th Place finishers. Without you, things just wouldn't be as interesting around here:

User Name  Total Fourth Place Entries
tgentry 15
fablefire 9
ramyb 8
Drakxxx 8
BootsBoots 7
jamescho84 6
rglee129 5
cmdixon2 5
CrescentDebris 4
dsladek 4

Let this be a lesson to every aspiring Shirt artist out there: come in 4th often enough and we just might hire you.

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Wednesday, April 13

We'll Show Your Our Drawers If You Show Us Yours

by Jason Toon

Most of us around here have more Shirt.Woot tees than we know what to do with, but Creative Director Dave Rutledge might top us all. The 54 shirts pictured below in Dave's drawer - folded according to the "filing" method we've mentioned on this blog before - represent only a portion of his collection.

How many can you name? Click on both the drawer photo and the numbered key to embiggen. There are a couple of tricky ones, so think outside the shirtbox, as it were. The first to name them all in the forums wins the respect and admiration of your peers!

And speaking of which, we'd love to respect and admire your Shirt.Woot collection, too. Post your hot shirt-on-shirt pics below.

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Monday, February 14

Love Vs. Hate: Printable Woot Valentines For All You Knuckleheads

by Woot

Waiting until the last minute? You just missed it. But maybe there's still time to salvage Valentine's Day with our fourth annual crop of free, printable Woot Valentines. This year, our "Sweet" Valentines feature a variety platter of romantic meats, while our "Bitter" Valentines explore the dark side of love among the sideshow freaks.

The 4-up PDFs below are ideal for printing - just add scissors. For those who communicate their innermost yearnings via email attachments, we also offer heartfelt JPGs. And if none of the 2011 models push your love buttons, our 2008, 2009, and 2010 Woot Valentines are still every bit as current as when we released them (except for the one about Conan O'Brien). Ha-P V-Day 2 U!

After you give them, let us know: who's the lucky lifeform who received your Woot Valentines? And do you still have a relationship with them?

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Tuesday, April 06

Art You Should See: NAKeD COMPAGNIE

by Randall Cleveland

I know nothing shakes the hornets' nest of our forums like posting about something other than t-shirts, but the overall vibe is one of art-conscious or at least art-interested folks, so when we stumble across things like NAKeD COMPAGNIE we've got to share. NAKeD's a Paris-based motion design company that does, well, stuff like this:

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Thursday, February 04

Pure Amazing: Firmuhment

by Randall Cleveland

Don't look for an explanation. Visit Firmuhment only to alleviate the post-synaptic activity of your serotonergic neurons. And also kill a whole lot of time.

Whether it's social commentary in the guise of a Playboy interview with a sharpied-out Tara Reid (gah! I'm forced to read what she has to say!) or just random, meandering ideas on advertisements and crumpled notebook paper, Firmuhment makes for fascinating reading.

Sometimes you'll agree with the sentiment; other times you'll wonder what the hell the sentiment even is. When in doubt, assume the joke is on you.

It reads like the inner monologue of a mad man (maybe Justin Wolfe is a mad man?) and it's that rubbernecking feeling that makes this blog so hard to not stare at.

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Monday, February 01

We Like Stuff: The Comics Curmudgeon

by Randall Cleveland

The Comics Curmudgeon, a blog by Josh Fruhlinger, is a (usually) daily satirical and snarky jab (you can see why we like it) at newspaper comics. Sure, Ziggy and Marmaduke get their fair share, but lesser-known evils like Pluggers, Gil Thorp, and Crock get in on the mix too. And Josh is the only guy to ever cause me to willingly look at a Mary Worth panel. Ever.

Come for the snarky comments about plot holes, undeveloped characters, and bizarre artwork (lookin' at you, Dick Tracy), but you'll soon find it's not all at someone else's expense. There's a genuine reverence for the medium at work, and for all the barbs he dishes out, Fruhlinger isn't afraid to show a little adoration for the goofy characters and their melodramatic lives he mocks.

Check it out. Add it to your RSS feed. And enjoy an excuse to read the funnies again.

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Monday, August 17


Monday, June 08


Friday, June 05

E3 2009: Wardrobe Is Hell

by Scott Lydon

The 2009 E3 video game show is over, and we captured the best parts in our E3 2009 coverage over on regular old Woot. By the time you read this, we’ll be crawling back to the scorched remants of our lives. But before we get there, we’d like to salute all the brave little soldiers who came out to meet us at the E3 Woot Booth...


General Mitch.


Commodore Shaheed.


Field Marshal Colin.


Ahhhhhdmeeeral Matthew. We’re glad the four of you could make it.

Now, don’t think it was only those joint chiefs who were coming to visit our booth. E3 was chock full of shirt.wooters and a whole bunch appeared throughout the show to say hello...

WARNING: clicking "Read More" will make your browser load many, many pictures. Make sure you've got the bandwidth to handle the mission...

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