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Monday, January 07

Day of Reckoning the Two Hundred and Eighty Second

by Randall Cleveland

Not every shirt gets to go down in history as one of the greats. Some shirts are the RG3 of design: lots of flash and promise, but a negligent-to-the-point-of-criminal head coach who plays them when he shouldn't and almost causes them to blow out a knee and ruin their career. Seriously, someone fire Mike Shanahan. Anyway, here are the shirts moving on to the realm of higher prices after midnight tonight:

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Monday, December 10

Day of Reckoning the Two Hundred and Seventy Eighth

by Randall Cleveland

We've been less than punctual with the blog updates recently, and we apologize: it's only because we're overwhelmed with all the craziness going on between weekly sales and Derbies and All Designs and all that. But the Reckoner doesn't take any days off, so today's your last chance to pick up the following designs before they become temporarily-unavailable-but-eventually-available-again-at-a-higher-price:

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Tuesday, November 13

Reckoning Recon 11/13/2012

by Sam Kemmis

Do you want to know what's going on with The Reckoning but are too lazy to click on the grueling series of links that lead there? We've got the solution for you: A Reckoning Recon! Would you like us to spoon feed you some lunch slurry while we're at it? Oh, you would?

By the way, you may have noticed some changes to The Reckoning. Now that we're offering a full catalog of past shirts, being "Reckoned" doesn't have the same doomsday implications it used to. However, shirts in the Top 20 will cost a bit less, so there are still HUNDREDS OF CENTS at stake.

The Top 20:

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Monday, November 12

Day of Reckoning the Two Hundred and Seventy Fourth: The Rules Have Changed!

by Randall Cleveland
Greetings, Wooters! You're no doubt here to find out which Reckoning designs didn't make the cut, but we're doing things a little differently from here on out. In case you didn't hear, we've brought our entire back catalog online for you to browse and buy! So from now on shirts that get Reckoned won't vanish into the ether forever; they'll just fall into line in our back catalog, where you'll still be able to order them as digital prints at a slightly higher price.

So to cheapskates like us, they're still basically dead and gone.

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Monday, November 05


Tuesday, October 30

Reckoning Recon 10/23/12

by Sean Adams

Spooky things are afoot! Some shirts are DISAPPEARING! To where? Nobody's certain! Well, actually it's pretty straight forward. It's called the Reckoning and we do it every week. But c'mon! It's Halloween! Play along! Now, consider the following shirts to be "the main characters" in the horror movie. They're safe, at least for the beginning of the film.

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