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Derby #642: St. Derbrick's Day

St Patrick's Day

St Patrick's Day
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quality posts: 3 Private Messages lunchboxbrain
Re: St Patrick's Day

Rad detail!


quality posts: 72 Private Messages walmazan
Re: St Patrick's Day

I want to share this inked process I hope you like it


quality posts: 2 Private Messages caityjean
walmazan wrote:I want to share this inked process I hope you like it

So cool! Glad you shared that. This is a really great design that is just so fun to look at!


quality posts: 0 Private Messages RedFi5e
Re: St Patrick's Day

Didn’t miss a single stereotype. Can’t wait to see your Cinco de Mayo shirt.


quality posts: 0 Private Messages ShimmyTees
Re: St Patrick's Day

This should be in the fog, for sure!!

Also, I’m glad to see you’ve used an actual shamrock for the design and not a four-leafed-clover! I’m surprised by how many clovers there are in this Paddy’s day derby!


quality posts: 9 Private Messages transformingegg
Re: St Patrick's Day

Great as always. I have admired all your big design made up of small design entries of late. So much effort by the looks of it! but well worth it!

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