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Derby #652: WOMEN!

She Can

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Re: She Can

This is a mother & daughter collaboration - our first! My daughter came up with the idea and drew the initial sketch I worked from, then she worked with me some more on the style of the woman - she's a massive anime fan.

The design represents:
Women obtaining the vote and making huge strides towards equality.
Marie Curie, physicist and chemist. Two Nobel prizes. Radioactivity and discovered the radioactive isotopes polonium and radium.
Caroline Herschel, astronomer, first woman to discover a comet.
Jane Goodall for her research with chimpanzees and changing attitudes towards wildlife.
Grace Hopper, mathematician and computer programmer. Development of the COBOL programming language and making computing accessible.


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Re: She Can

Love it!


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letterq wrote:Love it!

Thanks! That means a lot

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