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Derby #114: Cooking

Duck Soup

Duck Soup
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quality posts: 17 Private Messages SkekTek
Re: Duck Soup

A classic movie, with classic themes. You really need three ducks to complete duck soup, and who could eat it without Animal Crackers? Note- the only black in the design is the bottom shading- to give it a good base appearance and texture. Not intended to be very obvious. There is no black otherwise on the shirt.


quality posts: 18 Private Messages HalfWheat
Re: Duck Soup



quality posts: 33 Private Messages jasneko
Re: Duck Soup

Hey - this turned out great! Looks really good Skek.


quality posts: 0 Private Messages MissFortune
Re: Duck Soup

love the marx bros!
design looks great too.
but seriously no love for Zeppo?


quality posts: 2 Private Messages graffd02
Re: Duck Soup

amazing! voted! genius!...

wish this had been in earlier... this is my favorite movie of all time...


quality posts: 17 Private Messages SkekTek
Re: Duck Soup

Sorry for elimination of zeppo and gummo. I really was, but I had not been able to finish earlier due to, well, you know, school and family and stuff. But since it's not going to win, I'm hoping for an HM. If not, rest assured I'll have those two peering over the back of the bowl at our famous trio.


quality posts: 50 Private Messages thatrobert
Re: Duck Soup

  • Congratulations on winning a Best Loser Award!
  • This is not SPAM.
  • Your one and only gift is this crappy little badge in your shirt thread. Enjoy.
  • You've got serious thrill issues, dude.


quality posts: 1 Private Messages LonChaney
Re: Duck Soup


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