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Derby #150: Intergalactic Cup

Red Card!

Red Card!
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quality posts: 0 Private Messages wizardofkitty
Re: Red Card!

Inspiration is one of my favorite soccer/football-related videos of all time:


quality posts: 0 Private Messages busparking
Re: Red Card!

I like the design, but I probably would have put the lines behind the ref.


quality posts: 0 Private Messages JRWorkshop

nasty referees, but this one is also cute


quality posts: 0 Private Messages lexiflexi
Re: Red Card!

cute! haha i like this a lot

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quality posts: 0 Private Messages Tsumayouji
Re: Red Card!

Agreed that the lines should be behind, not in front. Otherwise, this made me laugh because I immediately knew without the link what the reference was. Very, very hilarious!


quality posts: 1 Private Messages Lagbert
Re: Red Card!

Unless you've seen the video and know about the ref running backwards, the speed lines look like they are on the wrong side.

Great design!

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