Derby #259: Comfort Food

I Can Haz?

I Can Haz?
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quality posts: 23 Private Messages Radscoolian

Mayor McCheese wandered into the wrong part of town.


quality posts: 15 Private Messages bounty42
Re: I Can Haz?

THIS is why non-Pop Derbies are so Wrong. Hilarious, on topic, Pop but not over done.

This needs to be HIGHER!

Numquam minoris aestimo potentia stultis, maxime in magna coetus
■(1:40 PM, 7/27/2012) bounty42 quips, "Forget Guest Editor, what we need is a Guest Rejectionator."
■(10:40 AM, 6/21/2012 ) bounty42 inquires, "Is it just me, or do we not typically get this many Editors Choice shirts?"
■(2:02 PM, 6/15/2012) bounty42 runs numbers.
■(10:40 AM, 6/7/2012) bounty42 dispenses wisdom for all those 'too late' naysayers, "A woot shirt is never late, nor is it early, it arrives precisely when it means to."
■(3:20 PM, 5/18/2012) bounty42 states, "The turtle is very cute, and I love the smug look he's got."


quality posts: 0 Private Messages pyromike25

lol catz made it in this derby.


quality posts: 1 Private Messages raccoonbacon
Re: I Can Haz?

This design is utterly fantastic! I rarely, "LOL" but I just did. Great idea and execution!


quality posts: 0 Private Messages usopp
Re: I Can Haz?

this is why we don't see him anymore


quality posts: 61 Private Messages fishbiscuit5
Re: I Can Haz?

Nice! Loving the colors you chose.


quality posts: 33 Private Messages orabbit
Re: I Can Haz?

It's got a great Hitchcock sort of vibe.


quality posts: 0 Private Messages scarymonsta

I hate the cheezburger cat thing, but I love this. So, so much.


quality posts: 42 Private Messages citizencoyote
Re: I Can Haz?

Awesome, hopefully it's not rejected for copyright.


quality posts: 33 Private Messages jasneko
Re: I Can Haz?

Awesomely done Rads.


quality posts: 98 Private Messages bassanimation
Re: I Can Haz?

This image is hilarious! I think the only thing that might be throwing me off a bit is the purple color. It's very strong, and not everyone can wear purple well. It might look really good with a more blush hue to help it be a bit less "wow purple!". But that's a minor crit, this image rocks. I know it will HM if it doesnt pop into the fog!


quality posts: 0 Private Messages violetserenity
Re: I Can Haz?

I love this design! So radical!!


quality posts: 0 Private Messages purplerobelocust
Re: I Can Haz?

I wantz to haz this shirt!


quality posts: 16 Private Messages wirdou

Love "its" expression, and great colors (risky, but you made an awesome job with them!:D)


quality posts: 7 Private Messages sombrillo
Re: I Can Haz?

Shucks! Was hoping this would win.


quality posts: 0 Private Messages oubliette

This really should have been up there. It's devilish!

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