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Derby #260: Crests and Heraldry

For Science!

For Science!
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Re: For Science!

I know there are a lot of sciences in the world, but doesn't it all come down to particles?

The Latin says "I observe, therefore I know." A vote for this shirt is a vote for Science!

For the record, I remixed the HTML5 logo for the shield, released under the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 license, and used fonts from The League of Moveable Type, released under the Open Font License. So this shirt is open source!


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Can anyone tell me if it's OK to make minor changes to the print-ready design? See below for my definition of minor. Will I need to submit a new version to make these changes?

I added a little shadow to the atom and SCIENCE and fixed a few tiny things that bugged me.

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Whoa there buckaroo!

If you wanna vote, you need to with your Woot or Amazon account. If you don’t sign in, you can’t vote. And if you don’t vote, then your favorite design may never make the cut…and that will be a sad day for you and your friends and us. Create an account, sign in…DO IT!! Oh, and sorry (not sorry) we called you buckaroo.