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Derby #265: Imaginary Restaurants

Authentic Melmacian Cuisine

No pop culture this week, copyright

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Re: Authentic Melmacian Cuisine

Are you tired of the usual Chinese, Italian, and Indian dishes? Want to try something different? Come to A Taste of Melmac, and have your appetite satiated with authentic Melmacian feline dishes!


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Re: Authentic Melmacian Cuisine

Pop Culture design #3!

Numquam minoris aestimo potentia stultis, maxime in magna coetus
■(1:40 PM, 7/27/2012) bounty42 quips, "Forget Guest Editor, what we need is a Guest Rejectionator."
■(10:40 AM, 6/21/2012 ) bounty42 inquires, "Is it just me, or do we not typically get this many Editors Choice shirts?"
■(2:02 PM, 6/15/2012) bounty42 runs numbers.
■(10:40 AM, 6/7/2012) bounty42 dispenses wisdom for all those 'too late' naysayers, "A woot shirt is never late, nor is it early, it arrives precisely when it means to."
■(3:20 PM, 5/18/2012) bounty42 states, "The turtle is very cute, and I love the smug look he's got."

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