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Derby #273: Animals as People


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quality posts: 0 Private Messages darnellx
Re: Mudslinging

Um - that's not mud... ;-)



quality posts: 3 Private Messages tippypaws
Re: Mudslinging

The one on the left looks like George W.


quality posts: 48 Private Messages mjc613
Re: Mudslinging

Is this a taping of Judge Judy or last night's debate?


quality posts: 25 Private Messages jhgalvas
Re: Mudslinging

A shirt in season.


quality posts: 260 Private Messages thumperchick
Re: Mudslinging

This is the design they should've had in the political side sale. Accurate.


quality posts: 30 Private Messages TobiasAmaranth
Re: Mudslinging


This isn't different enough from real life. :P

Woot's Men's Smalls: A speck on a shirt that might be art. Don't bother...


quality posts: 60 Private Messages bluetuba
Re: Mudslinging

This is fantastic

"You can't just dress a Minion like Spock, and add a caption that says "Logical Me". There's a prison for people like that. Below my house."


quality posts: 2 Private Messages fuacka


quality posts: 2 Private Messages janeser
Re: Mudslinging

I would love to own this one. I think I may buy one for everyone in the house, even the baby. Fantastic.


quality posts: 0 Private Messages cfdunbar
Re: Mudslinging

Super clever! Nice job Rads, +1


quality posts: 0 Private Messages Skiim
Re: Mudslinging

I don't care what you say, the monkey on the right has some good policies.

Skiimed the surface


quality posts: 1 Private Messages bjmantis
Re: Mudslinging

I want one, and I'd start wearing it right away!


quality posts: 0 Private Messages ayerscolleen
Re: Mudslinging

Whoa, this one seriously needs to be the first derby shirt available, with overnight shipping to get by Monday night's debate!!! (If only...)


quality posts: 7 Private Messages sombrillo
Re: Mudslinging

Absolutely amazing artwork. Your ability to capture action and your attention to detail never cease to amaze me. Hope it wins!


quality posts: 0 Private Messages jabascus
It's...It's...just so beautiful! I could cry! I have been wearing my Betty White/Carol Burnett 2012 shirt to death this year. The mudslinging shirt is something I can wear for year to come. I best get three.

Re: Mudslinging


quality posts: 0 Private Messages emdotrock
Re: Mudslinging

i wish i could still vote for this.


quality posts: 33 Private Messages orabbit
Re: Mudslinging

Boo! I thought for sure this would print. Maybe it was the "mud" that gave them pause.

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