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Derby #276: Greece

Chasing Tail

Chasing Tail
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quality posts: 20 Private Messages ramyb
Re: Chasing Tail



quality posts: 0 Private Messages lunovulpes
Re: Chasing Tail

Bless you for drawing Cerberus with a snake tail. You have my vote.


quality posts: 60 Private Messages bluetuba
Re: Chasing Tail

Wow that thing is really flat and awkward looking. Without those dog heads it might look more like a seal.

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quality posts: 2 Private Messages charlottesumxs
bluetuba wrote:Wow that thing is really flat and awkward looking. Without those dog heads it might look more like a seal.

Why does it matter what it would look like *without* the dog heads? It's not like they're ever going to go missing.


quality posts: 3 Private Messages L3g3ndQ
Re: Chasing Tail

this is bad!!! very very bad!!! i don't think anyone that is voting for this is actually opening it up and looking at it because if they did there would be no votes for this at all that's how bad this is!!! i think this is the most half assed job he has ever submitted!!! The anatomy is horribly wrong, the body is more of a blob (or like a seal like mentioned above) and only 3 toes?? the tail looks like it was added at the last min. i think this is probably your worst submission ever!!


quality posts: 30 Private Messages TobiasAmaranth
Re: Chasing Tail

Gotta agree this one is pretty bad all around, art wise. X_X It's no Pup in Training.

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