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Derby #278: Choose Your Own Art-venture

Horse of a Different Color

Similar shirts exist, appears to be from a photo

Rejected because: Similar shirts exist, appears to be from a photo

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Re: Horse of a Different Color

I went for Watercolors (which left me with only four shirt colors to choose from). I used black & white watercolor design I did of a Zebra and made him a bit psychadelic (so I guess he might have fit that derby, too)

I know white shirts aren't the most popular, but white makes the colors pop more than any of the other shirt colors

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Re: Horse of a Different Color

Photo? Similar shirts exist?


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orabbit wrote:Photo? Similar shirts exist?

I have definately seen similair shirts. Zebra is medical jargon/slang for a rare diagnosis. It all started when someone said,“When you hear hoof beats behind you, don't expect to see a zebra". Since horses are the most commonly encountered hoofed animal and zebras are very rare, logically you could confidently guess that the animal making the hoof beats is probably a horse.

If you google rainbow zebra you'll get a lot of results for similair shirts and designs. My husband submits designs to Woot and he learned a while ago (the hard way)to google his ideas to make sure there isn't a similair shirt out there.

That being said I appreciate the design being a "zebra" myself.

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