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Derby #291: Video Game Titles Reinterpreted

Inspired by Space Quest

Inspired by Space Quest
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quality posts: 33 Private Messages orabbit
Re: Inspired by Space Quest

Somewhere on that ship is a lowly janitor.


quality posts: 3 Private Messages bigpauly85

Amazing design!! This is the kind of artwork that woot has been missing, lost in all their cat shirts and trying to be too clever/funny but not artistic "designs". This is the kind of shirt that would win the derby not long ago with 1000 votes, now the "winners" don't get more than 350. Anyway I'll dismount from my soapbox and just close by saying +1


quality posts: 5 Private Messages riffmaster18
orabbit wrote:Somewhere on that ship is a lowly janitor.

love the game choice, one of my favorite series of all time

and of course excellent design! +1

Hey Artists! Post your favorite design to my wall from your Facebook page. If I use your image I always link back to you.


quality posts: 11 Private Messages ambergreen
Re: Inspired by Space Quest

Need moar Sierra! Beautiful designs.


quality posts: 1 Private Messages smalltownutah

WOW! BEAUTIFUL, FABULOUS, SPECTACULAR.. JUST GREAT. LOVE IT. Great color and artistry. More of this for sure. Can't wait to get one, or two, or..... CONGRATULATIONS! Thanks!


quality posts: 4 Private Messages wottwin
Re: Inspired by Space Quest

My gosh ... it's full of stars! Fantastic work!

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