Fly Fat Bird Fly

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Fat Bird Singing In The Dead Of Niiiight

3rd place in Derby #102: Pressure, with 736 votes!

okay okay be cool it’s just a cat it probably doesn’t even see you

okay it sees you but it’s all the way over there so don’t sweat it just remember what your doctor said about your heart rate

it’s in a sunbeam, that’s good, no worries, just let that cat take care of itself, start walking toward the street, you’ll be safe as soon as you get to the street, it won’t follow, it won’t

oh god it’s getting up out of the sunbeam no no no oh god

wait stay calm just keep walking panic won’t help just keep going and

okay there’s another cat looking at you too but he’s far away, no need to worry no worries maybe this might even help you out if you just let them fight while you escape

be smarter not stronger just like on the nature shows about hawks and eagles that’s it just a few more steps and

oh god oh god oh god there’s two more oh god they’re coming no no no no time no time huff puff huff puff oh god gotta flap gotta flap no no no i’m not ready yet what did i ever do oh god huff puff huff puff i never even saw a cloaca gotta flap gotta flap huff puff huff puff oh i can’t even look i can’t i can’t i can’t

just a little further just a little further huff puff they’re probably not even interested any more huff puff huff puff almost there keep going almost there almost almost almost almost huff puff huff puff

Wear this shirt: while you’re twittering at us! We see and enjoy them, even if we don’t always reply. We’re the strong silent type, don’t’cha know.

Don’t wear this shirt: if you want to trade it for two in the bush. Keep it nicely folded and in your hand to ensure it retains full value.

This shirt tells the world: Either “He who hesitates is lost” or “Good things come to those who wait”. Pick whichever side you like best.

We call this color: Canary With Creme

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Pantone Colors:
Pantone Yellow C- 611C - 1595C- 4675C - Black

Standard Brand:

  • Standard fit (slightly boxy, a little loose)
  • Fiber Content: 4.5 oz 100% Combed Ringspun Cotton
  • Manufactured In: Honduras/Nicaragua
  • Printed In: Carrollton, Texas, USA

American Apparel:

  • Slimmer fit (if you like a looser fit, order one size up from your usual size)
  • Fiber Content: 4.3 oz 100% Combed Ringspun Cotton
  • Manufactured In: USA
  • Printed In: Carrollton, Texas, USA

Sizing Chart:
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