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"So professor, now that the new particle collider is up and running, what kind of experiments are you expecting to conduct? Finding new fundamental particles? Creating super-heavy elements?"

"Actually, Johnson, we've moved past mere particle physics. Now we're colliding memes."


"Yes, the smallest known unit of cultural information. By colliding memes, we're creating never-before-seen combinations of culture."

"What ... would that accomplish?"

"Johnson, the purpose of science is simply to learn. Why, we've already seen some remarkable compound references. Grape Ape dressed as Darth Vader, Hello Kitty as a kaiju, the Ghostbusters capturing a nazgûl."

"And you believe that these mash-ups give you some sort of insight to the nature of the universe?"

"Let me answer that by showing you something. This shirt came out of the machine late last night."

"It's ... Snoopy, but ... it's Zelda. I don't get it."

"When we unlock the mystery of this shirt, a whole new world of meme physics will open up to us. We've got our top scientists working around the clock to decipher this shirt."

"Shouldn't this multi-billion dollar facility be dedicated to something a little more objective than pop-culture references?"

"Don't tell me how to science, bro."



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