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3rd Place in Derby #373: Heavy Metal, with 129 votes!

Oh hello, I'm Dr. Ian Fraser Kilmister and I'm going to explain the origins of the name Motörhead. The Speed Freak moniker is but a ruse that shields the world from the truth, which I am here to divulge today.

You see, Motörhead's infamous leader Lemmy was formerly a successful sculptor in Staffordshire, England. His most well-known artworks up to 1972 were realistic depictions of birds indigenous to middle England. However, when BUT HE WAS NOT HAPPY AND SO HE PUT HORNS ON AN OLD  FIAT ENGINE AND SAID "MOTÖRHEAD" SO LOUD THAT EVERYONE'S LAWNS DIED THE END and so young Lemmy began a long career in the fine art of music. 

Well, I've got to go, my dirigible has arrived. Lovely chatting with you. Cheerio.

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