Today's Woot Write-up

Mmmmm. Whoberry filling.

Hello! Welcome to my humble home. Why, yes, it is made entirely out of Doctor Who apparel! Ha ha, it IS surprisingly spacious! And also suffocatingly dark. Have a seat on the sofa. Ah, well spotted, it’s also made of Doctor Who apparel! Fun fact: That throw pillow you’re holding is stuffed with locks of David Tennant’s hair! NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS, THAT’S HOW.

Aaaanyway, have a look at the garage! Correct, I did create a mid-range sport utility vehicle out of Doctor Who apparel! The mileage is great! I drive it every morning to my shop. Yes, I run my own business. It’s made out of Doctor Who apparel, naturally. What sort of business? It’s a doughnut shop called “WhoDoughnut.” ISN’T THAT PRECIOUS? They mentioned it once on Buzzfeed. I think the name of the article was “These Doctor Who fans desperately need psychological intervention because.” Talk about free advertising!

Aaaaaaaaaanyway, it’s about time to put some Doctor Who apparel on the stove and get dinner ready for the children, whom I have also crafted from Doctor Who apparel. Then I have to walk the dog (Doctor Who apparel) and kiss my spouse (Doctor Who apparel) and then get in my spaceship (Doctor Who apparel) and fly off to my planet (Doctor Who apparel) where I will finally, FINALLY feel like I belong.

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Pop Tartis

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Pop Tartis by collinvh
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