In honor of this shirt, we're counting down the top five moments from the last season Doctor Who:

5) The part in episode 6, "Solemn Syllabus," when the Doctor looks in the mirror, sees the mark left by his fight with the Headmaster Of Doom, and says, "Blimey, I've got a right pimple on the ol' noggin!"

4) The part in Episode 36, "Coma As You Are," when Cassandra, the Doctor's female companion, takes the wheel of the Doctorlorean from Brainy Todd and says, "Time's a wastin'!" before going back to 1965 to figure out who killed Big Jolly.

3) The part in Episode 8, "ER-ror," when, after the Doctor botches the heart transplant, a young nurse tells him, "We all make mistakes, Doctor," to which the Doctor replies, "Not me dad! He never made a mistake in his 'ole live long life." Then there's a montage of his dad doing great things.

2) The part in episode 68, "Easter Egg Huntsman," when The Beaster Bunny (played by Jon Huntsman) says to the Doctor, "Yolk's on you!" before heaving one of his exploding magical eggs at him.

1) The part in Episode 2, "Feed The Wildlife" when the Doctor and Gizzy The Talking Orb are attacked by the narwhal, and the Doctor looks at the camera and says, "Does that make you horny, baby?"

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