You Are My Lucky Star Wars




Ben, where are you?

I'm over heeeere, Luuuuke

Ben, you seem to be in the dark corner of the space ship where we keep the chains and dripping water.

That's where I aaaam, Luuuke. Come oooover here.

Ben, um... is this a test?

Noooo- wait, yessss, Luuuuke, it's a Jeddddi tesssst. Put down your liiiiightsaber and come ooover here.

You're not Ben, are you?

Whaaat? Of couuuuurse I ammm! How could you saaaay that, Luuuuke?

Aw, man, are you that xenomorph? Did you take over Ben's body?

Um, noooo Luuuuke. I'm Bennnnn. Listen, I'll prooove it.


No, it's true. "Look at me, I'm a rock star, my name is Curt Wild! I've got a lust for life!" See? That's toootally Ben!

Yeah, I'm actually a fan of the old trilogy.

Oh, okay. "Heyyy, I'm a vacuum cleaner salesman in Havana!" Did you ever see that one?

I really preferred the book, to be honest.

Loooook, just come baaack here so I can EAT YOUR FACE OFF

Aha! I knew it! You ARE that xenomorph!

YES AND NOW I'M GOING TO- hang on, aren't you the Joker? Oh, man, I LOVE what you do in Gotham City! Hey, forget this face eating stuff, let's go get a beer and compare notes.

Well... I guess I always have time for a fan.

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