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3rd place in Derby #432: Non-Electronic Games with 106 votes!

No one works harder than Death. There is literally no other occupation as certain or necessary. Don't give me the whole "but what about taxes?" crap. I have at least one, maybe two, cousins who have skipped out on those year after year. And I would lay odds that Mr. Reaper will catch up with them long before good old Uncle Sam even knows what's what.

So if anyone deserves a vacation now and then, it's Death. The good news is, while he's distracted with pina coladas, you can do all the dangerous things you've always said you'd do if there were no consequences like:

Swimming with hungry sharks

Illicit drugs

Drinking tap water in Mexico

Living underneath power lines

Staring contest with the sun


Nettie pot


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I DID Have Other Plans This Decade

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I DID Have Other Plans This Decade by Rasabi
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