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Some things you may not know about penguins.

  • 52% of penguins in Siberia suffer from alcoholism.
  • Ancient Greeks entered the city of Troy using immense wooden penguins secretly filled with sprinkles.
  • All penguins born before 1970 were made entirely of asbestos.
  • Penguins can, indeed, possess Happy Feet, but only with the aid of SSRIs.
  • Genghis Khan married six women and one penguin of undetermined gender.
  • Penguins can be tapped for delicious and heart-healthy syrup.
  • Penguins are prone to jealousy and struggle to maintain healthy relationships.
  • Isaac Newton wrote his theory of universal gravitation after seeing a penguin plunge from space, then burst into flames on atmospheric reentry.
  • Penguins were purchased by the Sara Lee corporation and marketed as lingerie in the 1990s.
  • Penguins get their distinctive waddle from their swollen and debilitating cankles.
  • Penguin antlers can be used for stew.
  • Penguins are eager and enthusiastic cannibals.
  • Queen Elizabeth owns 5 Corgis, 8 penguins, AND Canadian funny man Martin Short.
  • Penguins spontaneously ignite when tickled. Get out there and start a-ticklin’!

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