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Arm Yourself with these Fun Facts about Turtles & Tortoises!

- Soviets launched a tortoise into space on their Zond 5 probe. They did this because tortoises are actually native to the moon.

- Turtles are one of a number of species possessing a cloaca. That’s a Latin word meaning “fancy cape.”

- A baby turtle is called a "churtle."

- Sometimes they fall in love with footwear. Like. IN LOVE with footwear.

- Juvenile Western Painted turtles can live in a frozen state and thaw out just fine. Plus, they come in their own bowl, so it’s really handy.

- Canadian turtles don’t understand sarcasm.

- They're technically shellfish.

- Some species of aquatic turtles have the ability to absorb oxygen and insults through their skin.

- A group of turtles is called a “Snowden.”

- Turtles experience guilt. That’s why you shouldn’t ridicule them for mounting your footwear.

- Turtles lack vital spatial reasoning and cannot parallel park.

- The Leathery Turtle can weigh 1500 lbs. It is not uncommon for the Norse to use them as sofas.

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