Remember: always make a backup character before you start playing.

Okay, so, everybody excited? Oh, man, we've got a GREAT night of adventure for you all. So tonight you'll all be playing wolves who live in the North! No, Dan, c'mon, it's not normal but it'll be fun, right? So here, you can be, um, you can be the strongest. Yeah. And your wolf will belong to a noble redhead that soon will marry the king! That's gonna be a good long life for you, right? And here, Steve, you can be the wolf that goes to the tomboy type. She likes to run around outside and play-fight with sticks. I bet you'll have a very active life. And Julie, you get to be the wolf that goes with the- well, the bastard. He's a nice guy, though. He'll be going North. You like snow, right? Of course you do, you're a wolf! Darren, you get to be with the man's man, he's a real swaggering lothario type. You'll have plenty to role-play there. And Jack, you won't be here often, why don't you take the wolf that belongs to the baby of the family, I bet he won't have much to do. Oh, and Joe can take the leader wolf and Richard can take the last one. Okay, so, now you've all got your characters, so let's just roll some dice here and... okay, I'll just check those rolls against my chart here and...

...huh. So, um, funny thing about how tonight's game is turning out... do any of you want to maybe switch your characters to dragons instead?

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Game Of Adventure by Letter-Q
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