2nd place in Derby #540: Elements of Fashion

Isn't it funny how our knowledge of the elements has grown over the years? In the 1970s, we only knew about three elements. And boy, did they have a funky horn section. Then, by the early 1990s, we'd discovered a few more! And they were so exciting! But as we grew, we began to doubt ourselves. We turned away from what we knew. We made jokes with our other friends, jokes like "HEART? WHAT KIND OF A CRAP ELEMENTAL POWER IS HEART? BOY DID HE GET THE SHAFT ON POWER DAY, RIGHT?"

And slowly, our world turned a little darker.

So now let us stand together and reconsider. Let us look at what "grown-up" thoughts have done to the Batman vs Superman franchise, and compare it to the profits of Ant-Man and Guardians Of The Galaxy. Let us consider that maybe the power to control the elements, the banking systems, the WORLD is useless without the love of those around you. What good is endless stacks of elements if all they can do is keep score? WHAT IS LIFE WITHOUT HEART?????

Maybe, just maybe, the real secret to growing up is learning that there's only one element that binds the others together. And it's not sodium. Although, in the right mixture, that really CAN tie a dish together, can't it?

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