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2nd Place in Derby #379: 25k Cup, Round V: Naughty & Nice: Redux, with 195 votes!

So you’re the appointed human representative against a woodland uprising

Congratulations! Here are a few handy tips:

-Avoid cursing. Deer are sensitive to obscene language.

-Chipmunks are notoriously hostile, but only because they’re misunderstood. Diplomacy is the answer.

-Bring a pillow.

-If you encounter any cryptozoological creatures, refrain from staring. Respect beastly privacy.

-Observe all appropriate woodland rituals. Cover yourself in sap.

-Don’t fall in love.

-Curse a lot. Squirrels love dirty language.

-If negotiations go sour, threaten the woodland leadership with a plague and run for the awaiting helicopter.

-The shrews may attempt to set you on fire. Convince them that it’s a bad idea.

-In the event of espionage, bark can be used as an aphrodisiac.

-Feed the bears.

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