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2nd Place in Derby #408: Grammar, with 130 votes!

Some clarifying examples:

A fat guy whose nickname is Tiny.

Someone steals a police station.

Soap opera characters have no idea they’re gonna be possessed or haunted or twins or whatever.

A baby’s nursery filled with potted plants.

A pantsless tailor.

You’re going upstairs, and you think there’s gonna be one more stair, but there isn’t another stair, and you stumble on the invisible stair.

Cows are vegetarian.

Swedish people cannot assemble their flat-pack bookshelf from Ikea.

Cookies with raisins.

When you’re late to a meeting for any reason.

A dentist with a drinking problem.

You forget to bring a towel to the gym.

A dog that can ride a bicycle.

Brushing your teeth causes a ringing in your ears.

Sincere sarcasm.

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