3rd place in Derby #548: Slogans!

“. . .we’re joined by CEO Bremt Newmam, and he’s got some very exciting news indeed!”

“That’s right, Janice! It is very exciting news.”

“What is the very exciting news?”

“Hm? Oh right. Very exciting. We’re very excited to announce the launch of Readflix!”

“Tell us more about this exciting new service.”

“Imagine all the world’s best entertainment right at your fingertips. Amazing storylines. Poignant dialogue. Brilliant cinematography. Now take all of that away and imagine one clunky thing in your hand. Imagine squinting at the pages. Imagine lugging it around in airports. Imagine having to pack dozens and dozens of the heavy things every time you move house. Can you see it?”

“Sounds kind of terrible, Bremt. Why did we say this was so exciting before?”

“Because the sense of superiority this thing delivers is simply unparalleled.”



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