Derby #38: The Year You Were Born


Rejected because: Haha, I like it. But you'll have to resubmit without the text.

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Re: 1981

NOOOOOOOOOO i been working on a tv killing a radio!!! this is so much better...

Please check it out


quality posts: 0 Private Messages bonipoof
Re: 1981

I like the concept but I wonder if I should be the one to say there is still some text in there...

And I'm not even including the ones that were gifts!


quality posts: 38 Private Messages AdderXYU
Re: 1981

this is very witty, but that "81" will almost assuredly kill it. This derby is kinda weird due to how they worded the theme, but normally all text is rejected in a textless derby.

Still, as i said, very witty. oooh-ah ooooh

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