Derby #39: Motion

Taking Flight (Green)

Taking Flight (Green)
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Re: Taking Flight (Green)

Here's another version. It's okay to have 2 different versions of the same design right? If not I guess I'll go with whichever's more popular. :D Thanks for voting!


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Re: Taking Flight (Green)

I was wondering how this design might look with a transition in scale from the bird to the plane, getting larger as it goes.


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That's a really interesting idea. I'll see if I can submit one in this color with the bird/plane getting bigger and bigger. Doing it like the white one wouldn't work as well IMO because of the speed stripes but I'll definitely try your idea. Thanks.


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Re: Taking Flight (Green)

The bird's feet are driving me crazy.

A bird brings his undercarriage up under by folding his feet up.

I have budgies and have taken fast shutter shots of them, they never leave their feet hanging.

Otherwise, about the closest to voting I've come in this derby.

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