Derby #39: Motion

Sumo Dive Bomber

Sumo Dive Bomber
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quality posts: 3 Private Messages cheapojoe
Re: Sumo Dive Bomber

llo! I like it. Only criticism I have is that there maybe too much detail. It might be hard to capture the whole picture at a glance and an individual would probably have to be standing fairly close to catch the whole thing's awesome-ness. Still, the design makes me laugh out loud, which is a good sign. Great work!


quality posts: 5 Private Messages ilstu99
Re: Sumo Dive Bomber

I don't know how well this would print, but I do like the idea, and I love the art. I understand the purpose (I think) of the arrows coming out of the dude's pants, but they look weird.....kind of like he's blowing out the lining of his swim trunks with a mighty fart....if the expression on his face is any indication.


quality posts: 0 Private Messages CHILLI20

Thanks peeps for the compliments. As far the lining goes, those are just flaps flying up from his trunks. There was no real purpose that I put it in save for design purposes.I actually had seen a picture of this Sumo dude who was wearing a big thick rope like belt around his waist that had white spiky flaps hanging from it. I had never really seen something like it before, I thought it was cool and just threw it in.

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