Derby #40: Motherhood

Mothering the Queen (v.2)

Mothering the Queen (v.2)
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i changed this from my old version a little all based on the comments i recieved from it. I like this one a lot better, i think the message gets across a lot better, and the placement of the shirt is less awkward. Hope you like it.


quality posts: 5 Private Messages ilstu99
Re: Mothering the Queen (v.2)

I think this works very well! No trying to figure it out at all. The best part is that it could really work for anyone as a t-shirt. Totally cool. Nice job!


quality posts: 0 Private Messages yxlgbru
Re: Mothering the Queen (v.2)

Man, this shirt (and the original as well) is just great. I don't know why, but on this version the W-Y jumped out at me and I caught it this time, really nice touch there!

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