Derby #59: At The Luau

Four-Stringed Hibiscus

Four-Stringed Hibiscus
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Re: Four-Stringed Hibiscus

Love this one! gmv, very unique!


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I know this is a late entry but i had this design in my head and I was away all weekend and couldn't draw it til this afternoon. I figured a unique and interesting shirt would fair well with the voters and still appeal to those looking for the typical hawaiian shirt look - just with a twist. Hope you like!


quality posts: 2 Private Messages cobolisdead
Re: Four-Stringed Hibiscus

I love how this is so mocking the traditional shirts.

Also, I like that you mixed in Guitars with flowers. GMV!

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Re: Four-Stringed Hibiscus

I wish this was entered earlier...It would probably be up there near if not in the fog, compared to the other hibiscus shirt. Would have been an interesting battle!! GMV


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