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Math Problem

Math Problem
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Re: Math Problem

Whether on paper or in the mind, a diagram is the first step to solving a math problem.


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Re: Math Problem

I'm not sure what exactly the problem is... but I still like it and I'd wear it!


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Re: Math Problem

I predict the next fashion wave will be... math shirts. I already have a physics shirt and two math shirts, but this design nicely combines the two.


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Re: Math Problem

It's been a few years since I've had to do a FBD, but I don't think the diagram for the pendulum is very useful. What forces are being represented by the arrows on the sphere? The downward force is gravity and the one pointing to the lower right is momentum or something (gah, memory failing me!). But I can't figure out what the one going to the upper left might represent. Also, for the two that make sense, I can't figure out why you would connect them with the dotted line or measure that particular angle. If you wanted to find the net force, you would translate one of the arrows so that match tip-to-end.

The upper dotted green line corresponds to the mystery force, so perhaps it's supposed to indicate the full swing to the left? But then I have to wonder why the diagram wasn't drawn with the weight at the end of a swing to begin with.

I may be interpreting it all incorrectly, and perhaps your diagram actually makes perfect sense. As I said, it's been a while. I only bothered to analyze it this much because it's a really interesting design. I'm an engineering student (computer software, which is why I haven't done a FBD for a while).

Also, I commend you for drawing your diagrams with colour. I never bothered. XP

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Re: Math Problem

This shirt has a slightly different meaning for me, it brings back memories of my first step into college. I was required to take physic to graduate from the Tech Institute I went to and I think the math caused more nightmares that semester then I could handle. Aw, freshman year.


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Re: Math Problem

If I didn't know how to do a problem in physics, I would draw a picture that looked something like this and pray for partial credit.

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