Derby #84: The Sea

Captian Nemeow Swims with the Fishes

Captian Nemeow Swims with the Fishes
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Re: Captian Nemeow Swims with the Fishes

What is coming out of the cat's helmet?


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abinky26 wrote:What is coming out of the cat's helmet?

It's the airline so he can breath


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Teknikas wrote:It's the airline so he can breath

didn't look quiet like that, but I guess I see that now.


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Re: Captian Nemeow Swims with the Fishes

As I promised, I am leaving you a critique here where it will hopefully be appreciated.

I'm probably going to bounce back and forth, so please forgive me ahead of time if something sounds negative on one point where it shouldn't.

Firstly, I appreciate the hand drawn look of your piece. I actually like the fact that you not only hand drew this and held on to it for 10 years, but you took the time to learn a new form of media to produce this and make it into the design we see here. That one point regarding media was the main reason for saying the other was stronger - the piece was was clean but simple. Sometimes hand drawn can be clean but show it's uniqueness however, you need some practice still. You're still a ways behind in that regard but if you keep trying, I'm sure you'll improve. If you must know, I find yours CUTER than the other. The clean lines of the other simply makes it easier to like the concept.

Regarding the size, over all it could have been larger to show more detail, but the body of the cat could use a little shortening in the torso. The cat seems just a little too long. In the future, I'd also like to suggest you don't use the colors that woot offers. Those colors on the side of the shirt comp are to show what colors woot offers for the shirts, those aren't the colors you're restricted to. If that were the case, many entries would be rejected, like mine this week ;) Be open to unusual color palettes... you'll be glad you experimented.

I'd also consider something, since your piece only used 5 colors, adding a subtle background. Skek's is a little large, but you can see how he implemented that 6th color in a tone on tone shadow behind the piece. Now, yours need not be that large... heck, it could just be something simple like a little misshapen coral background or some seaweed to anchor the piece a little better. Even the addition of the water level breaking where the air tube comes down could be accented by some circular lines in white.

All in all, I think this was a fine 1st entry, it just needed a few tweaks (man, you should have seen my first entry... it was so nylon. So having a hand drawn entry as your first competition piece is quite impressive) I would like to see what you come up with in the future. Just consider your positions and proportions and think about drawing straight to the art program you are using. See if that helps you open up to new ideas... even if that doesn't help, it will help in getting you more comfortable with it.

hope that helps.


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[quote postid="3040813" user="JadenKale"]As I promised, I am leaving you a critique here where it will hopefully be appreciated./quote]


I didn't mean to imply that you were bragging in that other thread, I just meant that it does sound like you have a lot to brag about, and should be proud of it. Nothing wrong with tooting your own horn when you deserve it.

I do appreciate your advice! As I said, I just kind of did this for kicks and giggles, and really didn't know what I was doing (or what I was getting myself into for that matter!). I am aware that there are more colors available, but was infinitely confused by the flashy scary terms like "pantone solid coated color swatches" and "re-compression". As I said, I paint, mostly cute little kitties, and this is foreign to me.

The experience was interesting, but slow and frustrating, as I now know that not everyone is confined to the irritation and annoyance of using a mouse, and that amazing things like "USB notepads" exist!

Also, I am (duh) a cat lover, and have the privilege of owning 6 cats. I have always owned the "long" variety of cat, and see quite a few of these cats in my practice (yeah, I'm a vet). I know pudgy round little cats are cute, but I guess 10 years ago when I pictured a diving kitty, I imagined him as a long lanky athletic animal, as many of my kitties are in real life. Beleive me, kitties can be very long and lean. However, you are right, more people are probably attracted to the image of the adorable round kitties than the lifelike lanky kitties that I am used to seeing in real life.

Finally, I think it is really great that you and other lucky designers out there have been able to not only win a contest, but make money off it as well! What a bonus! I really do sincerely appreciate the constructive comments you have provided, but I'm not sure how I feel about adjusting what images migrate themselves out of my brain onto paper (or screen) so that more people like them. Does that make any sense? I'm not trying to be up on my high horse or anything, its just that this isn't a real hobby for me like it is for some of you guys who are really good at it. Maybe if I had the right equipment and the right programs, and even the right computer, I would have an easier time doing it and continue, because it really was fun to do! Plus, it really is encouraging to hear constructive criticism from you, and not just be shut down.

I suppose if another derby shows up that strikes me as being fun to participate in, I might do just that, but maybe not. Thanks again for all your comments, they are appreciated.

Oh, and there is no way I can reign in my sibling, he is his own person, and is just being overprotective of his sister!

Thanks again, would appreciate any help in the future regarding the foreign language of drawing programs and color swatches, if you are willing.


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look at me, I can't even figure out how to quote someone on this thing! I feel my computer inabilities showing!

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