Derby #84: The Sea

Blending in

Blending in
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Re: Blending in

Nice! I like his expression, as it's kind of panic and worried. GMV!

You can ride with me, or you can find your own path. Don't stab me in the back after I've cleared the way.


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Twice the posts give twice the chance of running into a mine.

Ignore this duplicate post and cross your fingers that it does not drift into something.


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Re: Blending in

This is super cool and I am provoked to start clicking for red flags(way too many hours in front of Windows 95 with no internet...wasted youth)

Yikes! there's been a server error! Maybe this will eventually post?!?!?

I had purposefully left a word subject to filtering. Once I deleted that I could finally post this.


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Re: Blending in

this is an awesome shirt


quality posts: 24 Private Messages Mavyn

This reminds me of Dr Suess.

My speech is not parsing. I am speaking in ellipsis.


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re: This should be on a lighter blue shirt. If I win I will make sure that it is a little lighter. Thanks for voting!!blending in

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