Derby #101: Fake Band T-Shirts

Mulberry Mulligrubs

Mulberry Mulligrubs
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quality posts: 0 Private Messages leofish89
Re: Mulberry Mulligrubs

in flower language, the mulberry means ~I will Not Survive You~; Mulligrubs is old English slang for low spirits.


quality posts: 21 Private Messages xtinaftw
Re: Mulberry Mulligrubs

I wish mulligrubs wasn't curved like that. I think it would look fine squared up like the rest of the text. Might make your belly look distended like that.


quality posts: 2 Private Messages ISO30
Re: Mulberry Mulligrubs

Okay, now that's just weird. I just uploaded a design that has the Birch typeface AND on cranberry.

Yours is better though. Mine is dumb. :-)

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