Derby #101: Fake Band T-Shirts

The 5 Panda Lectrical Band

The 5 Panda Lectrical Band
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Re: The 5 Panda Lectrical Band

Ok, this got a lol out of me.

But still no vote.


quality posts: 7 Private Messages MadamAtom
AdderXYU wrote:Ok, this got a lol out of me.

This one? Or one of the other twenty-five color versions?

Seriously, it was cute the first two or three times I saw it, but come on ...


quality posts: 0 Private Messages powerouter

Sorry about that... Just thought it would be interesting to go against my instincts and see the response. I've been surprised that the orange and asphalt combination got the best reception. For what it's worth, I wouldn't vote for this one either!

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