Derby #125: Birds

Brave Sir Robin

Brave Sir Robin
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quality posts: 1 Private Messages Lagbert

Brave Sir Robin and his minstrels depicted as a English robin and song thrushes.

Looking at the composition after posting it, I probably should have made the individual birds bigger.


quality posts: 11 Private Messages IndependentVik
Re: Brave Sir Robin

"Brave, brave, Sir Robin! He bravely flew away!"

Such a great idea for a shirt.


quality posts: 4 Private Messages ressamac
Re: Brave Sir Robin

I saw it on Broadway when Clay Aiken was playing Sir Robin. Hilarious!


quality posts: 1 Private Messages Lagbert

Alas the derby is no longer accepting new submissions, or I would kill this shirt and post versions 2

I feel this version of the design shows off more of the details and makes the design clearer from a distance.

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