Derby #125: Birds

Lets Get Serious

Lets Get Serious
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quality posts: 5 Private Messages Jae87
Re: Lets Get Serious

off topic...

Birthday Crap - 7/12/09, Random Crap - 1/28/10, Adventure Crap - 4/1/10, Birthday Crap - 7/12/10, Brick of Carbonite - 12/6/11, Santa's Sack of Crap - 12/25/11


quality posts: 2 Private Messages TheyKilledKenny
Re: Lets Get Serious

I am not sure where the feathers are located...

Excuse Me Maam, Your Woot is Showing...


quality posts: 2 Private Messages JaundiceDave
Re: Lets Get Serious

A quality design, truly. You have my vote, good sir!


quality posts: 48 Private Messages mjc613
Re: Lets Get Serious

It's THE bird, but not PG-13.


quality posts: 0 Private Messages Floridafighter66
Re: Lets Get Serious

you're an Dr. Clayton Forrester, dfose


quality posts: 1 Private Messages JustinC197

I see you flipped the bird, but come on, get serious. I don't see feathers and it can't fly. Don't be immature.

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