Derby #139: Madness

Mass Hysteria

Mass Hysteria
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quality posts: 0 Private Messages hollywoodxarson
Re: Mass Hysteria

Had to login and vote!! HAHA this is amazing! This design has got to win!


quality posts: 98 Private Messages bassanimation
Re: Mass Hysteria

LOL my boyfriend also had this exact idea! I am so glad to see it executed so well. Totally GMV. Awesome work, dig the graphical look.


quality posts: 174 Private Messages DianaSprinkle
Re: Mass Hysteria

Awwww, I really love this design and I voted for it, but I really don't like that the bottom of the image curves like a big fat belly.

I still really love it though. Good luck!


quality posts: 40 Private Messages BootsBoots
Re: Mass Hysteria

This is great!


quality posts: 21 Private Messages cmdixon2
Re: Mass Hysteria

Wow, I totally missed this one. This is fantastic. Not sure why this doesn't have more votes. This is very well done and makes a great shirt. GMV.


quality posts: 49 Private Messages thatrobert
Re: Mass Hysteria

  • Congratulations on winning a Best Loser Award!
  • This is not SPAM.
  • Winning a BLA does NOT mean this shirt won't print -- I'm hoping it does.
  • Your one and only gift is this crappy little badge in your shirt thread. Enjoy.
  • When time and space are through, I'll be found in you.


quality posts: 0 Private Messages chunkydesign
Re: Mass Hysteria

I really like the grafical style on this illustration and the concept behind it, but not so much the use of black. Looking at the shirt, the area of black seems a bit too big and heavy.

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