Derby #143: Earth Day

Cup of Earth

Cup of Earth
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quality posts: 0 Private Messages buckystyle01
Re: Cup of Earth

I love eating this stuff, now I am totally craving oreo dirt, pudding, and gummy worms! Yum!


quality posts: 0 Private Messages traviswho
Re: Cup of Earth

at first I thought this would be too simple, but on second thought - i think i would wear this shirt all the time.. worms and dirt was my favorite food as a kid and a tribute shirt would be top-notch


quality posts: 1 Private Messages solipherus
Re: Cup of Earth

Oh em gee I want one of these so bad right now. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~D8


quality posts: 0 Private Messages apeman
Re: Cup of Earth

I got worms. Thats what we're gonna call it.

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