Derby #143: Earth Day

Good Earth

Good Earth
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I'd vote for it twice if I could. This one's my fave!

Re: Good Earth


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Re: Good Earth

This is a great design, and I really like the color selection...Nice job, however, you need to include the heather gray textures on the shirt, or it will be rejected.


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Re: Good Earth

I'd really love this one if it weren't for the rectangular format of the design. Is there any way to extend some of the rising sun background outward so that it takes on a more circular form? The rectangle just seems so artificial...same with the cropping on the clouds.


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Re: Good Earth

This is a really cool design, but the boxiness of the graphic irks me. If you resubbed with the light rays faded out or extended unevenly, you'd definitely GMV.


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Re: Good Earth

Awesome core design, but the limit to the rays looks too limited, IMHO. Anyway to stretch beyond?

That's How Sue Cs It


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Re: Good Earth

Thank you for the input, everyone.

After noticing a consensus in the comments, I did some experimenting with the design's silhouette, expanding the rays out of the box in random sun-like beams, which improved the design. Unfortunately,for some strange unknown reason, the file ended up being crazy huge, and this late in the game, it would be difficult and past the point to resubmit.

Thanks again, though, for your thoughts. They were very helpful!

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