Derby #169: Phobias

No Sudden Movements

No Sudden Movements
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quality posts: 40 Private Messages BootsBoots
Re: No Sudden Movements

This reminds me of my kid. He's 5 and has a debilitating fear of kittens.



quality posts: 3 Private Messages kschlege
Re: No Sudden Movements

Yeah, I think a kitten or puppy would have made more sense.

I'm surprised no one has done the elephant/mouse phobia.


quality posts: 0 Private Messages chunkydesign
Re: No Sudden Movements

Maybe the kid is developing Twitterphobia... Either way, nice and clean graphics, and a good choice of colors for a very solid design.


quality posts: 0 Private Messages zakzoah

love the design, hard to understand the meaning without the title.

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