Derby #171: Meat


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quality posts: 6 Private Messages cobaltgrl
Re: Baconlove

I like it, it says everything it needs to and no more.


quality posts: 0 Private Messages oofles
Re: Baconlove

I love the idea behind this shirt! I'm just afraid of what it looks like when you are walking around - at first glance it might be slightly confusing.

Perhaps if you had the bacon sizzling in a pan it would bring the whole thing together and make the idea very obvious.

Just my opinion - great shirt tho!

- Oofles ^_^


quality posts: 0 Private Messages coffeeshop26
Re: Baconlove

While I wholly approve and agree with the concept, for me to wear it the bacon heart would need to be smaller maybe over the heart where a pocket would be.

Otherwise it is well done.

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