Re: Treadmill Phil

Phil is not unlike you or I. When away from his exceptionally small cubicle, he enjoys an old fashioned double cheeseburger and fries, with a carbonated beverage of course. And only one more dollar to super size? Well that's a no-brainer! But without a doubt, the turtle cheesecake and white chocolate mocha with whole milk and extra whip is hardly avoidable. What next Phil? A Seinfeld marathon? Today? I should have known. You're right Phil, an hour at the gym is an hour you could have been napping.

Oh but that's the old Phil. It's January 1st, and Treadmill Phil has a New Years Resolution. Goodbye deep fried foods, it's time to hit the gym and develop that six pack you never had! From now on it's veggies, fruit, grilled chicken and low fat dairy for Treadmill Phil.

At least until February. Oh Phil, you're so predictable.