Derby #186: Oddball

The Fifth Element?

The Fifth Element?
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I thought that I would put a different twist on my original entry, I hope you all like this one better

"Even though he too has magical powers, Heart still feels like he doesn't belong"


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Re: The Fifth Element?

Lol. By your powers combined! Nice job.


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Re: The Fifth Element?

This shirt rules. I would wear it everyday of my life and then some

Evan Pulliam


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Re: The Fifth Element?

I clicked right past this the first time. How did I miss the joke?
Awesome work! :D

+ uno


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Re: The Fifth Element?

I love this characters! Keep doing an amazing work!


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Re: The Fifth Element?

no love for love D;

+1 :]

Examine Bindle of Carrots.
What Bindle of Carrots?

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