Derby #186: Oddball

Distant Panel

Distant Panel
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quality posts: 6 Private Messages dreadwood
Re: Distant Panel

This would be an awesome shirt.


quality posts: 44 Private Messages fishbiscuit5
Re: Distant Panel

This is awesome! The colors look great together.


quality posts: 0 Private Messages Andy47240
Re: Distant Panel

Thanks Dreadwood and FB5 for the nice compliments.


quality posts: 1 Private Messages akirahatesyou
Re: Distant Panel

I *really* like this. It's certainly not the type of thing you see on shirt.woot. It's rare to find a design that is focused exclusively on how well it works as a shirt, rather than a comic strip.

(Don't get me wrong - I love the cutesy or funny shirts too, but it's refreshing to see something like this.) ;)

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